Bio tsm/san admin

Company Name:
conquest technology solutions Inc
Title: BIO TSM/SAN Admin
Location: Harrisburg, PA.
Duration: 4 months (03/17/14-06/30/14)
SAN Administrator to perform duties and responsibilities for the PENNDOT Storage Area Network including Tivoli Storage
(TSM) administrative duties, management of the IBM 3584 Tape Library, IBM XIV Storage Subsystem, and Cisco MDS 9513 SAN Switches.
will perform the following primary duties:
1. Performs Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) administrative duties and interfaces with the IBM 3584 Tape Library as follows:
oChecks error logs.
oMaintain TSM scripts as required.
oDetermines space remaining in library.
oEnsures offsite tape cartridges are sent offsite.
oNotifies appropriate contact and works with technician to resolve any hardware issues.
oMonitors tape utilization.
oWorks with appropriate contact to resolve any issues related to backups.
2. Performs administrative duties on the IBM XIV Storage Subsystem as follows:
oChecks error logs.
oConfigures LUN sizing and LUN security.
oDetermines space remaining in storage subsystem.
oMonitors space utilization.
oNotifies appropriate contact and works with technician to resolve any hardware issues.
3. Performs administrative duties on the Cisco MDS 9513 SAN Switches as follows:
oChecks error logs.
oConfigures zoning to meet security requirements.
oNotifies appropriate contact and works with technician to resolve any hardware issues.
oTroubleshoots any connectivity issues.
oMonitors port usage.
oRecommends solutions for future growth.
oResolves issues with Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) on SAN attached clients.

This position will also perform the following secondary duties:
1. Assemble/install hardware
2. Configure servers
3. Install server software/drivers
4. Configure network printers
5. Connect/disconnect devices to the network in Harrisburg and remote office sites
6. Respond to network/server related trouble calls
7. Research and resolve issues with all server software
8. Test and install server software update/upgrades
9. Proactively identify and resolve problems
10. Place service calls for servers and network equipment
11. Assist service providers in resolving service calls
12. Assist in standard configuration development
13. Create/update disaster recovery plans
14. Participate in disaster recovery drills
15. Work with PennDOT partners and employees including IT coordinators in deployment activities
16. Attend meetings with PennDOT developers, users, and partners
17. Perform Technical Lead duties for a variety of projects

Strong knowledge of Tivoli's Storage Manager.
Strong knowledge of IBM's 3584 Tape Library.
Strong Knowledge of IBM's XIV storage software.
Knowledge of IBM's IBM XIV Storage Subsystem.
Knowledge of Cisco's MDS 9513 SAN Switches.

Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Windows file server, print server, and network operations.
Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and MS Project).
Demonstrated ability to establish and meet work schedules within limited time frames and under tight deadlines and a willingness to work off hours as the need arises in support of changes.
Effective verbal communication skills are required to work with all levels of the organization including management, vendors, and various PENNDOT personnel. Effective writing skills are required in order to document work performed.
Superior interpersonal and customer service skills required including ability to work effectively in a team environment. High level of proficiency in effective problem solving required.

Interested & Qualified Applicants please fasten your updated resumes to us at ismail@conq-tech.com & acquire immediate interviews.
Mohamed Ismail
Ph : 302-357-9017

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