Linux Systems Admin

Company Name:
Quantumtech Staffing
Quantum Tech Staffing is looking for a Linux Systems Administrator for a position with one of our clients in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
The primary role of this individual is to maintain existing Linux servers do updates to applications and migrate websites or other Linux based applications.
Strong experience in Debian , Ubuntu, and CentOS
Minimum 4-5 years experience deploying Linux systems
Apache 2.2 and 2.4, Nginx, Thin, Passenger
MySQL, Galera, MSSQL, other Codership projects
Debian 6, Ubuntu10-14 LTS, Centos5/6
Network File Systems
Linux Clustering
SQL Clustering
Apache Clustering
BIND9 with Views
Load Balancing and Caching
HTTP and HTTPS Reverse proxies
BackupPC and ZRMBackup
Cron jobs, bash and shell scripting
OTRS Ticketing System
Dokuwiki documentation system
Support existing Raspbian footprint (about 20 Pis, various purposes)
Openfire xmpp chat server
Drupal, Wordpress, joomla, expression engine
CPanel, Plesk, Virtualmin
Ruby, PHP, Perl
Memcached, Varnish-Cache
A10, F5 and HAProxy load Balancers
GlusterFS and other Object Storage Systems
Open Source projects like Zabbix and SugarCRM
Frameworks like Zend and Fuel
VMWare or Xenserver
Management Systems
o Zabbix or Nagios
Bonus knowledge:
Asterisk PBX (Schmooze or Freepbx variations)
Quantum Tech Staffing is an EOE.

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